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Nepal is a tiny piece of the world, but it is filled with towering mountains and crystal clear lakes, making it the perfect tourist destination.

[1]  Mount Everest                                [2]  Lake Rara

It is also a very impoverished country and approximately 80% of the population depends on subsistence farming to support their livelihood (IFAD, n.d.). The country’s 147 181 square kilometers of land can be divided into three different regions: the terai region, the hilly region and the mountain/ Himalayan region (Pariyar, 1998).


[3]  Political map of Nepal

The terai region is the most fertile but only makes up 22% of the land base (Pariyar, 1998), leaving the rest of the farmers operating on marginal land that is only capable of producing enough food for local use (Schroeder, 1985).



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[1]  Mount Everest. Retrieved from

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